The combination of cotton and fine micro-fibers is the secret of Bel. While cotton offers excellent absorbency, the micro fibers with their fineness very receptive and extremely thorough in the cleaning. They are incredibly soft and gentle to the skin. 

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BEL Premium Pads 75's

Product no.: 1600H

£1.50 *

BEL Premium Pads 45's

Product no.: 1601H

£1.85 *

BEL Premium Balls 70's

Product no.: 1604H

£1.95 *

BEL Premium Pleats 120g.

Product no.: 1605H

£2.25 *

BEL Cosmetic Pads 75's

Product no.: 1609H

£1.20 *

Bel Cosmetic Pads 35's

Product no.: 1612H

£0.99 *
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