Noxzema Shave has special emollients and lubricants that let you shave closely and comfortably. It helps prevent nicks, cuts and irritation and leaves skin feeling soft. Available in a variety of formulas for different skin needs, and in two sizes: 300ml will give you months of shaves, and the handy 50ml is good for the travel bag.

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Noxzema Shaving Foam Regular 300ml

Product no.: 0811H

£6.15 *

Rexell Shaving Foam Menthol 300ml

Product no.: 0813H

£4.74 *

Noxzema Shaving Foam Aloe & Lanolin 300ml

Product no.: 0820H

£6.15 *

Noxzema Shaving Foam Regular 50ml

Product no.: 0810H

£1.75 *

Noxzema Shaving Foam Argan Oil 300 ml

Product no.: 0819H

£6.15 *
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