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Dentemp Repair-It

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Repair Broken Dentures Quickly and Inexpensively! The Dentemp Repair-it Denture Care Kit contains everything you need to fix breaks, mend cracks and replace loose teeth in minutes. The safe and easy to use kit is zinc free and a must-have for anyone with dentures.

  • Three repairs
  • Easy to use
  • Eat on it in 60 minutes


Do Not Use for loose caps or lost fillings. (Use Dentemp Premium Dental Repair)
Do Not Use to reline a denture. (Use Dentemp Reline-it Denture Reliner)
WARNING: Denture reliner liquid is flammable. Keep away from heat, open flames or sparks.
WARNING: Avoid getting denture reliner liquid on skin. If you do, wash area with water immediately.
WARNING: Contains methacrylates. Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to methacrylates.
Caution: Do not put repaired denture back into your mouth until the Denture Care material has hardened.
Caution: Fit pieces together properly. Once this product hardens it can not be removed.
Hint: If, while mixing, the material hardens too fast for the mixture to become smooth and creamy then please try again but first put the liquid into a freezer for 1⁄2 hour to slow hardening.

1. Clean and dry pieces of the denture or tooth. Make sure there are no missing pieces and that everything fits properly back together. If you cannot do this, the denture will not fit when repaired. Do not proceed. See your dentist immediately.
2. Mix denture repair liquid and powder as follows:

  • Place contents of one Repair-it Powder packet in to one of the enclosed mixing cups.
  • Hold a Repair-it Liquid packet in one hand, and gently tear off the notched end so as not to spill any of the liquid. Hold the open end of the packet directly over the powder, and add all of the liquid to the powder in the mixing cup. Be careful not to get any Repair-it Liquid onto your skin. This liquid is flammable. Do not use near sparks or an open flame. Use in a well ventilated area.
  • Using the spatula mix until the mixture becomes smooth with a creamy consistency, like syrup.

3. Using the spatula, apply a small amount of the denture repair mixture to each broken edge of the denture or in the missing tooth area. Make sure that each broken edge has a thin coating of the denture repair mixture.
4. Immediately fit the broken pieces of the denture together, or press the tooth into position. Make absolutely sure that all pieces fit together properly and are in correct alignment.
5a. For Cracked or Broken Dentures: Press the pieces together and hold in place for five (5) minutes. Be sure that the pieces stay in perfect alignment. Skip to Step 8.
5b. For Loose or Broken Tooth: Press the tooth in position and hold for one (1) minute. Be sure that the pieces stay in perfect alignment. Move on to Step 6.
6. Gently remove excess material carefully using a wet cotton tipped applicator.
7. Allow to set for an additional four (4) minutes while holding the pieces in place.
8. Carefully scrape away any extra material that has squeezed out.
9. Soak repaired denture in hot tap water (not boiling) for 10 minutes.
10. Remove denture from water. Dry carefully.
11. If necessary, use high grit sandpaper to lightly smooth out any rough spots.
12. Wash denture and spatula with soap and water. Wash hands thoroughly.

NOTE: After repairs have been completed, if for any reason the denture is uncomfortable or does not fit, do not use it. See your dentist immediately.

IMPORTANT: Special training and tools are needed to repair dentures to fit properly. Home-repaired dentures may cause irritation to the gums and discomfort and tiredness while eating. Long-term use may lead to more troubles, even permanent changes in bones, teeth and gums, which may make it impossible to wear dentures in the future. For these reasons, dentures repaired with this kit should be used only in an emergency until a dentist can be seen. Dentures that don’t fit properly cause irritation and injury to the gums and faster bone loss, which is permanent. Dentures that don’t fit properly cause gum changes that may require surgery for correction. Continuing irritation and injury may lead to tumors in the mouth. You must see your dentist as soon as possible.

WARNING: For emergency repairs only. Long-term use of home repaired dentures may cause faster bone loss, continuing irritation, sores and tumors. This kit is for emergency use only. See dentist without delay. A new denture may be required.

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