Ekulf Interdental Brushes (0.7mm)

Ekulf Interdental Brushes (0.7mm)


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Interdental toothbrushes are handy if you have large or uneven gaps between your teeth. The brushes have an effective cleansing ability and adapt to the anatomy of the tooth. They gently remove plaque and food between the teeth and gums. An interdental toothbrush looks like a small bottlebrush and comes in numerous sizes/types and handles. It can be used for implants, bridges and braces. A good way to find you correct size or sizes is to try our test packs (mixed).

Interdental toothbrushes look like a small bottlebrush and exists in many different sizes, just because then they are able to clean in best possible way for every unique gap between the tooth. Can also with advantage clean around dental racks, bridge/bridges and implants.

All of EKULF’s interdental toothbrushes has a non-corrosive plastic-coated steel-wire for more protection for your teeth. Every package comes with a grommet and a grip magnifier to make it easier while using. All of the interdental toothbrushes are made by environmentally friendly material and has also a resealable blister.

The brushes have high and effective cleaning and adjusts after the gap of tooths anatomy. The brushes gently remove the plaque and scraps between the teeth. Our mixed pack is the best way to find the right brush for you, here you get all the available sizes.

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