Filtro Neto Cigarette Filters 20's

Filtro Neto Cigarette Filters 20's


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The most harmful ingredients in cigarettes are tar and nicotine. The amount varies in each brand of cigarette and it is these harmful substances that can cause coronary, heart and lung disease.

By using Filtro-Neto filters a disposable cigarette filter you can gradually stop the smoking habit. It is made from a non toxix transparent material which is hygienic and inconspicuous in use.

Filtro-Neto filters visually trap up to 50% of the harmful tar content thus preventing this harmful tar from entering the lungs. Another unique feature of the Filtro-Neto filter is that it does not appreciably alter the taste or flavour of the cigarette smoked.

So if you MUST smoke why not make Filtro-Neto a MUST - Confident in the knowledge that it in no way increases your craving for cigarettes, yet successfully filters out up to 50% of the harmful tar content of each cigarette smoked. Each filter lasts for up to 10 tipped cigarettes then throw away.

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