MAM Trainer 2in1

MAM Trainer 2in1


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Pack Contents

  • 1x Blue 220ml Trainer+ Bottle
  • 1x Size 3 Fast Flow Teat
  • 1x Extra Soft Spout

MAM Trainer+ Transitioning Bottle

  • With fast flow teat & extra soft spout for easy transition from breastfeeding or bottle to cup
  • Non-slip handles fit MAM Bottles & Trainer 2in1
  • Lid protects from dirt while travelling
  • Scale for easy measuring
  • BPA/BPS Free materials
Finally found a water bottle

'I bought this about a month ago and LOVE it. I had been struggling to find a cup my son got along with for water, however he loves this one.'

The MAM Trainer 2in1 has been designed in cooperation with medical and technical experts to help your growing baby with the transition from sucking to drinking from a cup. Step 1 enables your baby to drink from a fast flow bottle teat in their new trendy cup-like bottle with handles, for the earliest transition to weaning. Step 2 offers the use of the cleverly designed symmetrical Extra Soft Spout with spill-free, free-flow technology, for the second stage of weaning. Learning to drink independently is a key development skill for babies. Thanks to this smart all in one trainer, babies will learn with ease the transition from sucking to drinking. There is also no extra valve to worry about, a simple but effective design with non-slip handles which fit all MAM Bottles & Trainer*. *Excluding the MAM 130ml bottle

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