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Medicare Callous Pads (4 Pack)

Treat Callous and Warts with Medicare Callous Pads

• Protects against painful pressure
• Especially suitable to protect calloused skin from pressure
• Relieves pain immediately
• Skin friendly
• Ultra Soft Foam Material
• 4 Pcs per Pack

Going through a rough patch? Turn sore and dry skin and painful calloused areas into soft and healthy feet, ready to show off!
Medicare Callous (callus), pads provide protection for callouses and other painful areas of the feet. Pain associated with a callus, wart or other condition can prevent a person from living a full life. It can greatly inhibit ease of mobility, as friction can worsen the callous and cause pain and discomfort with each step. The Medicare Callus pads provide a barrier between skin and foot and greatly reduces pain.
A callus is an extended area of thickened skin mainly on the soles and heels of the feet. Calloused skin forms wherever the skin is exposed to pressure and friction over a longer period of time. The outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, reacts by building up and forming calloused skin in layers.
In most cases, calloused skin is painless. Once exposed to excessive and constant pressure, it can also get worse and crack. Thickening of the affected areas can lead to painful and incommoding callus formation.
Using Medicare Callous Pads is an easy way to take pressure from the affected area. Simply press the felt ring onto the affected skin so that the pressure-sensitive area lies in the middle of the ring. Now, when wearing shoes, they will not come into contact with this sensitive area any more as the ultra-soft felt material offers an ideal protection from painful pressure.
The extensive Medicare Foot Care range has been scientifically developed with your comfort in mind; from Bunion pads to Heel cushions, from Toe Splints to Flight Socks; whatever your feet need, we have the solution.

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