Medicare Instant Hot Pack

Medicare Instant Hot Pack

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Medicare Instant Hot Pack

Instant Heat Pack for Powerful Heat Therapy

•Rapid Pain Relief for sore muscles
•Compact packs are small enough to fit into sports bags and handbags
•Provides heat for around 40 minutes at room temperature
• For effective relief of muscular aches and pains, period pain, joint stiffness, backache, strains and sprains
• Medicare Instant Hot Pack for effective relief of muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness, backache, strains and sprains
• Contents: Anhydrous Magnesium and water
• Single Use only

Relax and loosen sore, tired and stiff muscles with the Medicare Instant Hot Pack. The Hot Pack provides form-fitting, flexible hot therapeutic relief for arthritis, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps and more.
Hot Therapy can also be used before exercise to improve mobility by loosening muscles and increasing joint elasticity. Heat packs are particularly popular among people who experience lower back pain.
Some like it hot . . . some do not! Not sure whether you need hot or cold therapy? As a general guideline, sudden acute injuries like a sprained ankle, muscle tear, bruise or inflammation should be treated with cold therapy . Do not use cold therapy on stiff muscles or joints.
Sore, stiff muscles are best treated with hot therapy, because the heat helps to relax, soothe and loosen up the tired muscles. Hot therapy can also be used to increase the range of motion. Do not use hot therapy on an injury that is already warm to the touch.
When an injury is on-going and has lasted for around 48 hours or more, one of the most effective ways of treating the symptoms is through the application of heat. When you apply the hot pack to a painful area, the patient’s blood vessels are caused to open wider. This dilation encourages the flow of blood to the affected body part and initiates an instantly soothing sensation.
This pack is at an ideal temperate to apply healing and calming heat to an injury, without burning a patient’s skin or making them feel uncomfortably hot.
This pack is both portable and convenient to use in any number of locations and, as such, it is ideal for paramedics, first aid personnel and sports coaches, as well as picnickers.

Locate inner pouch. Hold away from yourself and others, use both hands and squeeze firmly to Break inner pouch.
Shake for at least 30 seconds to mix the contents of the pack.
Wrap or cover the hot pack with towel or other equally protective barrier.
Apply to injured area. After use, Dispose of hot pack – do not reuse.
Dimensions: L: 13.7cm; W: 3cm; H: 23.5cm; Vol: 965,850; Wgt: 163g

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