Medicare Waterproof Spot Plasters 100's

Medicare Waterproof Spot Plasters 100's

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Medicare Waterproof Spot Plasters – 100’s (22MM)

Waterproof Spot Plasters with non-stick dressing pad

One size: 22mm
• 100 Pcs per Pack Pack
Product Features:
• Ventilated
• Soft and flexible
• Waterproof
• skin friendly adhesive
• Ideal for post-injection bleeds or to cover moles

Spot plasters, also known as round plasters or circular plasters, are ideal for post-injection bleeds, covering moles, or post-mole removal. Medicare Waterproof Spot Plasters have a non-adherent dressing pad and will cope with most minor cuts and abrasions.
If you have been advised to cover your moles with a plaster in the sunshine, this handy packet of spot plasters is ideal to pop in your beach bag, if you plan on sunbathing and want to avoid exposing moles to the sun, which can lead to skin cancer. The plasters are waterproof so are suitable to wear while bathing or swimming.

The round plasters are both easy to use and gentle on the skin whilst holding the wound pad firmly in place.
Our quality wound care treatment and dressings, and first aid supplies are designed using exceptional technology to improve the healing process.
Medicare is a market leading health care brand, looking after all your needs in First Aid, Wound Care, and Sport Care. Our aim is to provide you with the most comprehensive range of products, of the highest quality and value for money. The extensive Medicare Wound Care range has been scientifically developed with your comfort in mind; from Wound Wash Spray, to Foam Dressing; whatever your Wound Care needs, we have the solution.

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