Pin-Up End Curl 55ml

Pin-Up End Curl 55ml


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Pin-Up End Curl is for perming smaller sections of hair, such as the fringe, ends or top layer of hair. Pin-up gives you long-lasting, natural looking curls, full of body and bounce. Pin-up is suitable for all hair types and is especially suitable for hard to perm hair.
  • Suitable for all Hair Types
  • Lasting perm for short hair
  • The simple way to create natural looking, permanent curls
Expert Formulations

Pin-up's waving lotion is so versatile it will create exactly the style you want. By using different sized perming rods, you can create tight curls, soft waves or simply all over body and volume. Pin-up's foamy non-drip neutraliser is easy to apply for perfect results. The protein-enriched formulation protects your hair during and after the perming process, leaving your hair soft. shiny and manageable for months.

Easy To Use

Follow Pin-up's styling guide to create different results, with simple step-by-step instructions of use.

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