Rubis Elephant Pouch with Kids Scissors - 1K416

Rubis Elephant Pouch with Kids Scissors - 1K416


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with scissors

  • Rubis solves your problem
  • Baby scissors for fidgety children's fingernails
  • Elephant case for the little ones
  • Real leather
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • Once Rubis, always Rubis

Elephant case made of genuine leather. The baby scissors with elegant design, efficiency and unique shape fit perfectly in the hand. The rounded tip of the scissors was developed to cut delicate fingernails of fidgety children's hands without risk of injury.

The scissors are made of high-quality, stainless surgical steel, which can be easily disinfected and sterilised. The steel from which the Rubis scissors are made is hardened to ensure a good polish and precise, clean cuts. Leather case made of genuine leather.

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