Rubis Nail-Clipper Gold - 1L103

Rubis Nail-Clipper Gold - 1L103


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  • Rubis solves your problem
  • Hardened steel
  • Clean, precise cut
  • Gold version
  • Processed in the Swiss factory
  • Balance and great design
  • Once Rubis, always Rubis

Gold plated nail clipper in 240ct gold in Rubis design, Prestige line. A robust nail clipper, yet elegant. Put your thumb comfortably on the twist and press down. The sharp and hardened edges cut the nail with a smooth and clean cut.

All tools are made of the best stainless and acid-resistant surgical steel. Each instrument can therefore be easily cleaned or sterilised. The coating consists of finest yellow gold with 240 ct (0.5 micron).

Made in Rubis Swiss factory to the highest quality standards. Rubis products are the result of traditional craftsmanship, strict throughput controls and a finishing process under the magnifying glass. No tool leaves the factory without having passed the strict quality controls. Neither scratches nor inaccuracies in material or surface are permitted.

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