Rubis Scissors Sauro - 1F007

Rubis Scissors Sauro - 1F007


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  • Rubis solves your problem
  • Clean cut
  • Hardened scissor blades
  • Best design
  • Fit in the hand perfectly
  • Once Rubis, always Rubis

The 1F007 Sauro scissors combine elegant design efficiency and a unique shape. The steel profile is wider and longer than other scissors to ensure better strength when cutting hard nails. These scissors are designed to cut toenails. In fact, Sauro scissors are stronger than any other Rubis scissors, making them ideal for cutting and rounding thicker and hard nails. They fit perfectly in the hand.

The scissors are made of high-quality, stainless surgical steel, which can be easily disinfected and sterilised. The steel from which the Rubis scissors are made is hardened to ensure a good polish and precise, clean cuts.

Made in Rubis Swiss factory to the highest quality standards. Rubis products are the result of traditional craftsmanship, strict throughput controls and a finishing process under the magnifying glass. No tool leaves the factory without having passed the strict quality controls. Neither scratches nor inaccuracies in material or surface are permitted.

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