Self Check Syphilis Test

Self Check Syphilis Test

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A quick and dependable 10 minute blood spot test can detect anti-Treponema pallidum antibodies, which may indicate syphilis. This STI is caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum, and proper diagnosis and treatment can lessen related risks. If syphilis symptoms arise, contact a doctor.

Comparison of the SELFCHECK Syphilis Test with reference laboratory methods proves an agreement of 97% (with 95% Confidence Interval of 96.1-98.3%). Though reliable, medical tests, regardless of laboratory or home-based usage, may occasionally issue false positives or false negatives. The kit includes a test device, plastic pipette, desiccant pouch, 1ml diluent bottle, 2 sterile lancets, instruction leaflet, and requires a clock/timer and clean tissue for testing.

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