Vivio Junior - Cough Syrup - Preservative free 140ml

Vivio Junior - Cough Syrup - Preservative free 140ml


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VIVIO® Junior Cough Syrup is a preservative-free formula designed for children 1+ year old, specifically formulated to relieve both dry and congested coughing. Its natural ingredients provide calming relief, hydrate and protect the upper respiratory tract while modulating the cough. The blend of honey, strawberry and marshmallow extract offers a soothing flavor and enhances the syrup's soothing and calming properties. Xanthan and arabic gum form a protective film on the throat to prevent contact with irritants and protect from their irritation. Cane sugar hydrates and reduces mucus viscosity for easier clearance. This product is free from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, and is gluten-free and lactose-free. Suitable for vegetarians and does not require refrigeration.

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